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My name is Daniel and I have 5 years experience building and fixing computers. Over those 5 years, I have built many computers ranging from $8,000 to $300, some for Gaming and other for office work. Building computer is an art form to me as well as being my passion. I am offering computer lessons and repair services to anyone who needs them. (Information and Pricing below)

Repairing Service and Maintenance
In my 5 year experience working with computers, I have learned a great deal about how to fix them. I can remove viruses, ad-wear, and malware. If you're just looking for someone who knows what they're doing to remove and install a few programs for you I can do that as well.

If you are looking for lessons, the way I have found to have the most success is when I work one on one with the individual in there home, this ensures that they are comfortable and in a good mindset to learn. I can teach a large range of skills from basic use of a computer all the way to a full tear down and rebuild of a computer.

Skills I can tech - Cleaning a computer (Software), physically cleaning a computer, Building of a computer, Use of a computer, how to care for your computer with software, E-mail and Facebook use, Reformatting of a computer, and many more.

Computer building and upgrading
Looking to add some more system memory or maybe a newer faster hard drive. If you're unsure of how to add a new part to your computer or you simply just want to save some money and just upgrade what you have opposed to buying a whole new computer, I can help with that.

Upgrading - This can be a much better way to get more life out of a computer. want more speed? I can add a faster hard drive. Want more CPU cores? I can swap out the CPU for a faster one. If it is in the computer I can upgrade it!

System builds - So you want to have a custom computer built for you or someone you know. Custom computers can range in price widely. I have built $300 computers and $8000 computers. The cost of a custom build will vary widely depending on what you're going to be using the computer for and what you want the computer to have in the way of specifications. If you can imagine the computer I can build it.

- 1 on 1 Lessons start at $20 and up depending on what you want me to tech.
- Lessons for groups start at $50 and up depending on what you would like me to teach and how many people will be attending the lesson.
- Repairing Service and Maintenance starts at $20 and up depending on what you want me to do.
- Upgrading starts at $10 and up depending on what you want me to upgrade.
- System builds will be starting at a flat rate of $50 for a basic computer and can go as high as $5000. System build pricing ranges widely due to the amount of time needed to be put into a computer, an example being SSD Raids arrays, cable management, GPU overclocking, and water cooling to name a few.

Contact information
Name / Daniel
E-mail / Dannodude101@gmail.com
Phone or text / (250) 889-0848

You can see an example of my work in the pictures attached to this ad
(250) 889 - 0848
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PostedMarch 23, 2018