• How to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out?

OrderorBook is a Friendly Restaurant Directory!
Our aim is to create a marketplace where restaurants and customers could meet directly without any interference or dominance of the aggregator.
Having your own customer database is the most important ingredient for building your ultimate restaurant.
To put it simply:
? Place your Deals and Specials on your Dedicated Page (FREE!)
? Upload or Change your Digital Menu anytime and even link it to your website (FREE!)
? Share the Best Videos and Pictures and moreĀ… (FREE!)
? Take complete control of your Content Marketing and Your Data. (FREE!)
? SMS marketing-You get 50 messages while you test it out. (FREE!)
? Live chat for customersĀ… (FREE!)
Turning your website into a powerful marketing machine for FREE!
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PostedSeptember 27, 2018