• Cane, Danish Cord, Fibre Rush, Rattan Woven Chair Repair

As a second generation specialty weaver I have been weaving chairs since 1986. Cost for services are dependant on project. If you send a photo of the chair that requires repair I should be able to provide an estimate from the photo.Please see below for weaving styles offered by Caning Calgary.

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If you have a woven seat that needs repair and you are outside of Calgary your chair seats and backs can be removed from the chair frame and shipped by Canada Post to me in Calgary Alberta for replacement weaving and then returned collect to you once complete contact me now for more information.

Thank you,

Laurie Blake
Caning Calgary

Specialty Weaving Offered Includes:

Hand Cane & Pre Woven Cane

Hand Cane, Laced Cane, Hole to Hole Cane,
Pre Woven Cane, Sheet Cane, Machine Cane, Pressed in Cane, Spline Cane, Rattan,
Blind Cane, French Cane, Double Sided Cane, Hanging Medallions,
Traditional 7 Step Pattern, Rising Sun Hand Cane Pattern, Sunrise Hand Cane Pattern

Other Specialty Weaving

Danish Cord
Fibre Rush
Shaker Tape
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PostedFebruary 07, 2018